Compi Abkürzungen


to youfür Dich, Dir
4Ufor youauch für Dich
AAMOFas a matter of factTatsache ist
ADNany day now 
AFAICas far as I'm concerned 
AFAIKas far as I know 
AFAICSas far as I can see 
AFKaway from keyboard 
AIartificial intelligence 
AISIas I see it 
AIUIas I understand it 
AKAalso known as 
ANFSCDand now for something completely different... 
appsoftware application 
ASAPas soon as possible 
AWGTHTGTATAAre we going to have to go through all this again? 
AWHFYare we having fun yet?machen wir jetzt Spaß?
AWGTHTGTTAAre we going to have to go through this again? 
ASAPas soon as possible (humorously spelled "ASaP" in the SHAREWARE forum) 
AYORat your own risk 
BAKback at keyboard 
BBLbe back later 
BCNUbe seein' you! (an informal way of saying goodbye) 
BFbest friend 
BFNbye for now 
BIONbelieve it or notglaube es oder nicht
BoDboard of directors 
BOTback on topic 
BRBbe right back 
BRSbig red switch (the power switch on your computer) 
BSFbut seriously folks 
BSTbut seriously though 
BTAbut then again 
BTAIMbe that as it may 
BTDTbeen there done that 
BTHOMbeats the hell outta me! 
BTOBDbe there or be dead (no excuses if you fail to attend) 
BTOBSbe there or be square 
BTSOOMbeats the shit out of me! 
BTWby the way 
BTWBOBe there with bells on. 
BYKTBut you knew that 
CMIIWcorrect me if I'm wrong 
C&Dcease and desistaufhoeren und Abstand nehmen
CADETcan't add, doesn't even try 
charcharacter (a letter or number) 
COBclose of business (as in "I hope my package arrives by COB today" 
COTFLGOHAHACrawling on the floor laughing guts out and having a heart attack 
CTSCarpal Tunnel Syndrome (a wrist problem associated with keyboards) 
CUsee youTschüß
CU2see you, too 
CUAcommonly used acronym(s) OR common user access 
CUAcommonly used acronym 
CULsee you later 
CUL8Rsee you later 
CWYLchat with you later. 
CYAcover your ass 
CYLsee you later 
D&Cduck and cover 
DAU dümmster (aller anzunehmenden) User
DBAdoing business as (an unincorporated company) 
DBDDHKP Doof bleibt doof, da helfen keine Pillen
DILLIGADdo I look like I give a darn?! 
DILLIGAFdo I look like I give a fuck! 
DNPMdarn near pissed myself 
DWISNWIDdo what I say not what I do 
DYHWIHdo you hear what I hear? 
DYJHIWdon't You just hate it when... 
E2EGear to ear grin 
EODend of discussion 
EOFend of file 
ESADeat shit and die! 
ESALeat shit and live! 
ESOSLendless snorts of stupid laughters 
ETLAextended three letter acronym 
FAFWOAfor a friend without access (Blush-blush really dumb question coming up) 
FCFSfirst come, first served 
FIFOfirst in first Out 
FITBfill in the blank. 
FITBfill in the blank. 
FOADfuck off and die. 
FOAFfriend of a friend 
FOAFOAGfather of a friend of a girlfriend 
FOAGfather of a girlfriend 
FOCfree of charge 
FTASBfaster than a speeding bullet 
FTLfaster than light 
FUfucked up 
FUBARfucked up beyond all recognition 
FUBBfouled up beyond belief 
FUD(spreading) fear, uncertainty, and disinformation/doubt 
FWIWfor what it's worth 
FYIfor your information 
FYEfor Your entertainment 
FYIfor your information 
GAgo ahead 
GAFIAget away from it all (SF-CON expression originall) 
GALget a lifewerde vernünftig
GD&Rgrinning, ducking, and running (often said after a humorous comment) 
GD&RVFgrinning, ducking, and running really fast 
GFAKgo fly a kite 
GGNgotta go now 
GIGOgarbage in, garbage out 
GIWISTgee, I wish I'd said that. 
GR&Dgrinning, running & ducking 
GOKgod only knows 
GOMYget outta my way! 
GOWIget on with it 
GTFOOMFget the fuck out of my face. 
^H^H^Hhumorous backspaces, as in "I like^H^H^Hove my wife!" 
HAKhugs and kisses 
HOMPRhang on, mobile phone's ringing. 
HSIKhow should I know? 
HTHhope this helps 
HWS(PEST)husband wants sex (please excuse slow typing) 
IACin any case 
IAEin any event 
IANALI am not a lawyer (also IANAxxx, such as IANACPA) 
IANALBIPOOTVI am not a lawyer, but I play one on TV 
IARTPFWTSIOWIMI am repeating this parrot-fashion with out the slightest idea of what it 
IAWin accorance with 
IBCinadequate, but cute 
IBTDI beg to differ. 
IDGADI don't give a damn. 
IDGASI don't give a shit. 
IIRCIf I recall correctly 
IITYWIMWYBMADIf I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink? 
IITYWTMWYKMIf I tell you what this means will you kiss me? 
IITYWYBABIf I tell you will you buy another beer? 
IIWMif it were me (mine) 
ILIWTPCTI love it when the plan comes together 
ILSHIBAMFI laughed so hard I broke all my furniture! 
ILSHIBATFI laughed so hard I broke all the furniture. 
IMBOin my biased opinion 
IMCAOin my completely arrogant opinion (use for attracting flames!) 
IMCOin my considered opinion 
IMEin my experience 
IMHOin my humble opinion (said with false modesty) 
IMNSHOin my not so humble opinion 
IMOin my opinion 
INPOin no particular order 
IMPOVin my point of view 
IOWin other words 
ISTMit seems to me 
ISTRI seem to recall 
ITFAin the final analysis 
IYSWIMif You see what I mean. 
JAMjust a minute. 
KISSkeep it simple, stupid 
LABATYDlife's a b___h and then you die 
LIFOlast in first out 
LLTAlots and lots of thunderous applause! 
LMAOlaughing my ass off 
LMFAOlaughing my fucking ass off. 
LOLlots of luck or laughing out loud 
LTIPlaughing til' I puke 
MBGmoney back guarantee (see also NQA) 
MFGmore friendly garbage 
MfG mit freundlichen Grüssen (auch: MFG)
MFTLmy favorite toy language 
MHOTYmy hat's off to you 
MMIFmy mouth is full 
MTFBWYmay the force be with you! 
MYOBmind your own business! 
NALOPKTnot a lot of people know that 
NBDno big deal 
NCno commentKein Kommentar!
NDAnon-disclosure agreement 
NFIno friggin' idea 
NFWno fucking way 
NIMBYnot in my back yard 
NQAno questions asked 
NRNno reply necessary (usually stated as "FYI, NRN" 
NTIMnot that it matters 
NTIMMnot that it matters much 
NTTAWWTnot that there's anything wrong with that 
OAOover and out 
OATUSon a totally unrelated subject 
OAUSon an unrelated subject 
OBTWoh, by the way 
OICoh, I see! 
ONNAoh no, not again! 
ONNTAoh no, not this again! 
OOTBout of the box (brand new) 
OOTCobligatory on-topic comment 
OTCover the counter 
OTLout to lunch 
OTOHon the other hand 
OTOOHon the other other hand 
OTTover the top 
OTTHon the third hand 
OTTOMHoff the top of my head 
OTTOMHAROOBoff the top of my head and rolling out of bounds 
OTWon the whole 
OWTTEor words to that effect 
PITApain in the ass 
PLZ Postleitzahl
PMETCpardon me, etc. 
PMFBIpardon me for butting in 
PMFJIpardon me for jumping in 
PMIGBOMput mind in gear, before opening mouth! 
PMYMHMMFSWGADpardon me, you must have mistaken me for some one who gives a damn 
POVpoint of viewStandpunkt
RAEBNCread and enjoyed, but no comment. 
RHIPrank has its privileges 
RIFAretry, ignore, fail, abort? 
RIPrest in peaceRuhe in Frieden
RLErun length encoding 
ROTBAreality on the blink again 
ROTFFNARroll(ing) on the floor for no apparent reason 
ROTFLroll(ing) on the floor laughing (also, ROF,L; ROFL)ich koennt' mich kugeln vor Lachen
ROTFLAHMS... and holding my sides 
ROTFLBTC... biting the carpet 
ROTFLBTCUTS...... unable to stop 
ROTFLGO... guts out 
ROTFLMAO... laughing my ass off 
ROTFLOL... out loud 
ROTFLOLVH... out loud very hard 
ROTFTPOF... trying to put out flames 
ROTFLSTC... scaring the cat 
ROTFLTC... licking the glue 
RSNreal soon now (which may be a long time coming) 
RTFAQread the FAQ 
RTFIread the fucking instructions 
RTFMread the fucking manualLies das verdammte Handbuch
RUOKare You OK? 
RYFMread your "fine" manual 
SBCNsitting behind the computer naked 
SCNRsorry, couldn`t resistVerzeihung, konnte mich nicht zurückhalten.
SHMshit happens, mate. 
SFXself-extracting file 
SGDH sehr geehrte Damen und Herren (nicht gebräuchlich)
SICSsitting in chair snickering 
SIMCAsitting in my chair amused (for something not quite as funny as to deserve ROTFL) 
SITDstill in the dark 
SMOPsmall matter of programming 
SNAFUsituation normal, all fucked up 
SNRsignal to noise ratio 
SOsignificant other 
SOIstunk on ice 
SOLs__t out of luck 
sp?word/name/phrase probably contains a spelling error 
SWAGscientific wild a__ guess (see "WAG" below) 
SYSOPsystem operator 
SYTsweet young thing 
TANJthere ain't no justice 
TANSTAAFLthere ain't no such thing as a free lunch 
TBAto be announced 
TBDto be determined 
TBYBtry before you buy (a.k.a. the shareware concept) 
TFTTthanks for the thoughtdanke für den Tip/Idee/Gedanken
TARFUthings are really fouled up 
TGALthink globally, act locally 
TIAthanks in advance 
TICtongue in cheek 
TINALOthis is not a legal opinion 
TINARThis is not a recommendation 
TINWISthat is not what I said 
TLAthree-letter acronym (such as this) 
TNOTVStheres nothing on TV so,.... 
TPS(S)this program sucks (severely) 
TPTBthe powers that be 
TRDMCtears running down my cheeks 
TSOHFtotal sense of humor failure 
TTBOMKto the best of my knowledge 
TTFNta ta for now 
TTYLtalk to you later 
TTYRStalk to you real soon 
TUFDthe user file died 
TVMthanks very much 
TYCLOturn your CAPS LOCK off. (Quit shouting.) 
TYVMthank you very much 
UBDuser brain damage 
UTCunder the counter 
UTTunder the table 
VETLAvery enhanced TLA 
VRvirtual reality 
WAB?what another bill? 
WAGwild ass guess 
WAMKSAMwhy are my kids starring at me? 
WDYMBTwhat do you mean by that? 
WGASwho gives a shit? 
WIBAMUwell, I'll be a monkey's uncle 
WIBNIwould it be nice if 
WMMOWSwash my mouth out with soap! 
WNOHGBwhere no one has gone before 
WRTwith regard to 
WTwithout thinking 
WTFwhat the fuck 
WTFDYTYAwho the fuck do you think you are? 
WTFWTwhat the fuck was that? 
WTHwhat the hell 
WTTMwithout thinking too much 
WWSwife wants sex 
WYLABOCTGWTRwould you like a bowl of cream to go with that remark? 
WYLASOMWTCwould you like a saucer of milk with that comment? 
WYSIWYGwhat you see is what you get 
WYTYSYDGwhat you thought you saw, you didn't get. 
YAOTMyet another off-topic message 
YHGASPyou have got a serious problem 
YMMVyour mileage may vary 
YSSyou suck severely 
YWSYLSyou win some, you lose some 
<bg>big grin =breites grinsen
<eg>evil grin =teuflisches grinsen
<gd&r>grinning, ducking & runninggrinse, ducke mich und renne...
<gd&rvvf>grinning, ducking & running very very fastgrinse,ducke mich und renne sehr sehr schnell ...
<vbg>very big grinsehr breites Grinsen


Weitere Abkürzungen (technisch)

ACCauthor compliance commitee (or chairman)
AHNASP hub network (BBSs set up to distribute ASP author programs)
AMCauthor membership coordinator
APCUGAssociation of PC User Groups
ASPAssociation of Shareware Professionals
BBSbulletin board system (Mailbox)
bpsbits per second (Bits pro Sekunde)
CISCompuServe Information Service
CMailCompuServe mail (type "GO MAIL" at any ! prompt)
COrealtime conference (type "CO" at any forum ! prompt)
CoBchairman of the board
cpscharacters per second (Zeichen pro Sekunde)
DDJDr. Dobb's Journal
DFFDr. File Finder (aka Mike Callahan)
DJHewlett-Packard DeskJet series of printers
DJ500Hewlett-Packard DeskJet-500 series of printers
DoDDepartment of Defense
DosAppsoftware application for DOS (see "WinApp" below)
EDexecutive director
EMailelectronic mail (see "CMail" above)
EPlexCompuServe EasyPlex (see "CMail" above)
GUIgraphic user interface
HB!in memory of Howard Benner (author of the popular TAP-CIS program)
HPHewlett-Packard, Home Page
IAAAI am an accountant
IAALI am a lawyer
IANAAI am not an accountant
IANALI am not a lawyer
IANAMBAI am not an MBA
JAWSjust another Windows shell (same as YADS, see below)
JCDJohn C. Dvorak, a noted computer columnist
LIBCompuServe forum LIBrary
LJIIHewlett-Packard LaserJet II series of printers
MBAa Masters degree in Business Administration
MSRPmanufacturer's suggested retail price
NASPnon-ASP member
NSVnon-shareware version (e.g. the registered or retail version)
PCMPCMagNet forum gateway -- no longer used by CIS (see "ZNT" below)
PCMagPC Magazine
PCWPC Week magazine (type "GO ZNT:PCWEEK" at any ! prompt)
PCWeakhumorous name for PC Week magazine
PCWhirlhumorous name for PC World magazine
PDpublic domain
PKPhil Katz of PKZIP fame (or Philippe Kahn of Borland fame)
re:in regards to (Reply, Antwort)
RFCrequest for comment (Technische Regeln im Internet)
RfDrequest for discussion (Aufforderung zur Diskussion)
RRoORobert's Rules of Order
RRSregistration reminder screen
s==rshareware version equals (identical to) registered version
s<>rshareware version doesn't equal up to the registered version
S5message section "n" of a forum (section 5 in this example)
SASEself addressed stamped envelope (usually a #10 long envelope)
SaASergeant at Arms
SoAsame as "SaA" (see above)
SPASoftware Publishers Association (no relation to ASP)
SSSSummer Shareware Seminar (held in Indianapolis, IN)
threada related set of messages (Kommentarbaum)
TPBorland's Turbo Pascal compiler for DOS
TPWBorland's Turbo Pascal compiler for Windows
TUGTurbo User Group
UIuser interface
ULUnderwriters Laboratories
UPSuninterruptable power supply
VBMicrosoft's Visual BASIC compiler
VCCvendor compliance committee (or chairman)
VMCvendor membership committee (or chairman)
VPvice president
WinAppsoftware application for Microsoft Windows 3.x (see "DosApp" above)
YADSyet another DOS shell (a derogatory term describing software competing for users in a saturated marketplace. Includes DOS shells, sorteddirectory listers, spreadsheets, flat-file databases, SideKick clones, and so on.)
YANRATyet another NRA thread
ZCZConnect (Nachrichtenformat und Pollstandard im Z-NETZ)
ZNTZiffNet forum gateway (type "GO ZNT" at any ! prompt)
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