my heart is aking,
when you talk like this.
my soul is crying,
when you treat me this way.
my mind is asking,
why do you stay?
now i know,
i love you
and sometimes you do love me

My Promise To You

I cannot promise you forever.
We will need time to learn to love each other
and to discover our feelings and wishes -
alone and together.

I cannot promise you that I will always smile.
There will be times of sadness
when I will miss you more than other times
and when I will need your reassurance.

I cannot promise you to always be the same.
But with you I know that I can always be myself
and share my feelings and thoughts with you.

I promise you my honesty.
It was honesty between us from the very beginning,
honesty that brought us closer.

I promise you my patience.
With the obstacles we face at the moment
it will not always be easy.
But worth it – if we don’t give up on love.

I promise you my understanding.
In the ups and downs that life may hold for us
we will need to help each others
when we feel down.

I promise you my true feelings.
To share my happiness and sadness with you
and to always be there for you
when you want to laugh or need to cry.

Most of all, I promise you my love.
Here and now, unconditionally, tender and passionate,
with no boundaries or limits.

You`re the one I call my best friend
but do you know what I meant
as I said:I like you more than my life
it was like a cut of a knife
I don't understand how I could live without you
as I saw you the first time I knew
you're the one I will call my best friend

You're shining more than the sun
together we always have a lot of fun
this is the reason why I don't wnat to miss you
believe me,my friendship is really true
your heart is as wide as the sea
you always was there for me
I don't know how I can thank you for the wonderful time
and I hope you will forever be mine

I tell you my secrets
you keep them in your heart
our freindship is longer than a million yards
I will never forget you whatever you'll make
and if god will someone of us take
our souls will live together til the end
please never forget what I meant
as I told you,you are my best friend!


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